Care Convene App/E-Visit set up

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E-Visit Instructions for patient

To set up an E-Visit:

Call your CRYSTAL LAKE CLINIC office to schedule an E-Visit with your provider, If your provider is not available for E-Visit, we have several other providers that can take care of you. Give us a call!


  1. On your mobile device – Go to your app store (Google Play Store for Android phones or Apple App store for I-Phones)
  2. Search for the app: Care Convene Patient
  3. Download Care Convene Patient App
  4. Open Care Convene Patient App
  5. Click Register at bottom of the screen
  6. Click “I will register myself”
  7. Enter your information
  8. Provider code – type: CRYSTAL
  9. Click Register
  10. Go to your email to verify your account – you will have a Care Convene Verification email, click the blue “verify my email” button within the email.
  11. Close out of your email.
  12. Go back to the Care Convene Patient app
  13. Sign in to Care Convene Patient app with your email and the password you created at registration.
  14. Click Settings at bottom right ***no need to add insurance, we will bill insurance separately.
  15. Click “Enter payment information”, then click the + sign at top right, then Add card numbers, then click Save Card.
  16. If the visit is for your dependent,  go to settings again (bottom right) to add dependents, click + sign at top right, enter dependent’s info and save changes
  17. Click Visit button at center bottom about 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
  18. Click Tap to Begin
  19. Click who visit is for
  20. Select your provider
  21. Visit now or later – tap NOW
  22. Click appropriate reason for visit and answer questions.
  23. At the time of your visit, please be sure to let your provider know what your usual co-pay for an office visit would be – this will be charged to your credit card and we will bill the remaining balance to your insurance company.