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Vaccinate, Immunizations Work!

Vaccines are developed to help eradicate infectious diseases for which the human body has no defense. Statistics demonstrate that immunization is the best defense against such diseases, and that a vaccine can, not only, slow the infection rate but in some cases have eradicated the disease all together. Childhood immunization schedules are most common, but [...]

New electronic registration

Crystal Lake Clinic is proud to announce that we are updating our registration process, using a new electronic platform called Phreesia. This new process is designed to cut down on wait times and paperwork, and will allow you to complete the intake process solely online, including payment options for any current or past charges. As [...]

FitBit & Apple Watch

Fitness Devices

One friend calls her Fitbit her “nag-bit.” Another’s father, in his 70s, jumps up from the table at a restaurant to walk around, because his tracker tells him he has yet to complete his steps for the hour. And another argues with her’s — “I walked WAY more than that!” What used to be simple [...]


Put a bit of “juice” in an electronic device, it gets turned to steam, and you inhale the vapor — over and over, as if you’re addicted. What could be the harm? Vaping has been sold as a better option than real tobacco for smokers. But it’s become a rapidly growing fad for youth who’d [...]

Ride a Bike — Feel Like a Kid Again!

There’s a form of exercise that has an element many others lack — fun. Riding a bike exercises the body, mind, heart. It tones muscle and burns fat. And it’s what many of us did for fun before we got our driver’s license. You don’t need an expensive bike or dress in skin-tight lycra as [...]

Need a Simple, Natural Exercise? Go For a Walk!

What is the human body designed to do? Sit at a computer all day? Drive a car? Stare at a screen, motionless? Well, how do you feel after sitting all day? How do you feel after a walk in nature, or along your neighborhood sidewalks? The right amount of brisk walking can leave you feeling [...]

We Now Offer Text Message Appointment Reminders!

In order to receive text message appointment reminders you must “opt in.” To Opt In For Text Message Appointment Reminders: Open a new text message. Enter number 622622 in the (To:) area. Place letters CLC  in all capital letters in the message body and send. You will get a welcome message. To stop text message [...]

Generic Prescriptions

Generic Prescriptions

Generic prescriptions work and provides benefits the same as its brand-name version.  It’s the same as a brand-name medicine in dosage, safety, effectiveness, and quality, as well as the possible side effects.  The FDA conducts a rigorous review to ensure generic medicines meet the requirements in order to receive FDA approval, such as: Approved generic [...]

Safely Managing Back Pain

Safely Managing Back Pain

10 Ways to Manage Low Back Pain at Home Approximately one in four Americans say they’ve experienced lower back pain, and almost all adults can expect to have back pain at some point in their lives. In cases of serious injury, or numbness, weakness, or tingling in the legs, call your doctor. But for routine [...]